James J. Kempster
I bring to design not only the eye of an artist and the talent of a design professional, but also the experience of a teacher and the skills of a writer. As a graphic designer, my varied skills come together to provide graphically beautiful, welcoming and readable publications for both print and the web. I approach a printed publication with a love of paper, type and design elements, as well as a sense of how readers pass their time with a text, where they skim and flip through quickly, where their eyes rest, what will help them find the information they want, as well as discover new unexpected details. I approach web design projects with my experience as both a designer and a computer teacher. I am aware of what excites visitors to the web and what sustains their attention, what will help them navigate the site and what will make them stay longer and return often.

I have over thirty years of extensive experience in design, layout, editing, and client services, including acting as liaison between my client and the printing company. I am experienced with hand-drawn and pasted mechanicals, as well as computer design, production of single, two-color, and four-color separation designs on board and digitally, design and production of advertising packages, multiple-page booklets, monthly periodicals, annual reports and exhibition catalogues. I design extensively for the web, offering initial concept development, user-friendly navigation and on-going maintenance. I pride myself in the customer service I offer, providing extensive client interaction and assistance, as well as prompt response to deadlines and requests.

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